The Truth Comes Out

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ok I'll admit it: I got blogging cold feet. I read so many blogs each day that I started to feel like I wouldn't measure up. Oh the pressure!

I started the blog to chronicle our new life with Bailey thinking it might give me lots of ideas for posts. Clearly, I didn't know her all that well then. I had visions of her being incredibly intelligent and letting herself out to fetch my paper in the morning before I even get up. Perhaps that was a bit outlandish. First of all, she sleeps in a locked grate (for good reason I might add) so I would have to add that she would first need to unlock herself from the grate before she could even work on maneuvering the door. And second, I don't even have a paper subscription, not a tangible one at least: Hello 21st century online reading! It turns out she isn't incredibly intelligent. I would suggest more of an average intelligence, whereas she knows where the treats are and how to get them. I'm pretty sure that's the extent of average puppy intelligence!

Ok, so maybe if she wasn't intelligent, she'd at least be amusing. Well if you find ripping a new library book to shreds, and scattering it around the only room in my house that has carpet amusing, then she is! Or maybe you might find my extensive, semi expensive shoe collection complete with puppy teeth marks amusing. Or maybe her favorite game of "Chase Me" that left me outside in the cold for an hour when she magically got off her leash, might amuse you!

She's a handful. That's about the best way to sum it up. A wonderfully cute, occasionally cuddly, anger inducing, average intelligence, handful of pure love!

Point is, I'm going to try this thing again, but perhaps you'll end up with the mindless ramblings of life at Portobello Estates rather than the daily snippets of my intelligent and amusing dog. For the record, we are of average intelligence and not amusing in the least, so lower those expectations people! Just kidding...maybe!


Maggie December 20, 2009 at 4:10 PM  

Thanks for adding me! I though you'd never come back!! LOL

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