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>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It finally happened today. It seemed like it would never happen. I mean I could see the difference over time, but I had no idea that today would be the day.

I knew only good things come from “Up There”. Mostly I’ve been scrounging for things dropped from “Up There”. Some days, Mom doesn’t even notice that she’s dropped something so I scoop it up fast as I can before she notices. I like to squeeze myself between her and the cupboard, just in case something drops from “Up There”.
On a few occasions, someone has actually given me something that has come from “Up There”, never Mom and Dad though. Sometimes that person gets in trouble if Mom or Dad sees them, but they never have to go to the kennel like I do. It’s not fair.

It had been a long week, I worked hard and got in trouble A LOT for all that hard work. First I found Mom’s phone in her bed and had a nibble on that, then I had another nibble, and another. It didn’t taste very good at all. But boy was Mom angry when she caught me. Apparently all those nibbles means that phone doesn’t work anymore. Mom told me she was secretly happy though because then she got an iPhone. It looks even tastier!

Next I found Mom’s bras. I really like those to chew on. I pulled every one from the drawer and dragged them around the house while Mom was in the shower. Then I found the one I like the most and chewed it all up. Boy was Mom angry when she found me chewing away. Apparently that was her favorite one too.

And then yesterday, Dad didn’t lock the kennel right when he went to work. I waited until he left and then made my escape. A whole day not in the kennel! I was a little upset that Dad pulled the door behind him though so I could only stay in the bedroom, but have no fear, I used my time wisely. I curled up in Dad’s pj pants and had the whole bed to myself. And then I spied it. I’d gotten a little nibble a few weeks ago but Mom caught me too quickly and I got sent to the kennel. But yesterday, I was able to finish off the rest of that yummy library book. My favorites are True Crime books, they taste the best. Mom and Dad are now arguing over who has to tell the library they owe money for another book. I don’t think I’ll be seeing any more True Crime for a while!

But today was the best day of all. I don’t think it gets any better than today. I saw Dad making that yummy sandwich. Slow roasted pork, two thick slices of bread and some honey mustard to top it off. Boy did I get lucky that Dad forgot his lunch box in his truck and decided to go get it before he put the sandwich away. He must not have seen me, curled up in my bed, drooling as he made that glorious lunch. The minute the door swung shut, I made my move. Until now, I hadn’t been tall enough to get up there. I fell just a little bit short, but no longer. Now I can see everything that goes on “Up There” and I wanted a piece of it. I jumped up on my hind legs, planted my feet on the counter and grabbed that sandwich. Dad came back just as I grabbed it, but I’m quicker than that old guy, I swallowed every last bit of that sandwich as he chased me around the table. He caught me, like always, but this time I didn’t mind a bit when he put me in my kennel. I mean every full belly should have a much deserved nap, don’t you think?

What do you think I should do tomorrow?

xo Bailey


Oops! July 2, 2010 at 12:47 PM  

Hahahahahah! So funny!!! HAHAHAAHH! I think I just wet myself.

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